About GERnétic

The Origin of GERnétic

GERnétic International products are the result of a long process of research carried out during the whole of his career by Doctor Albert Laporte, a pioneer in the field of cellular anti-ageing and founder of Laboratoires GERnétic Synthèse, through the study of biology (study of life) at cellular level and of gerontology (study of the ageing process).

It all began in the Hôpitaux de Paris in the 1960s, period during which Dr. Albert Laporte began his research studies on the use of the concept of cellular therapy, in the formulation of topical treatments in order to relieve the suffering of patients and to improve the state and the appearance of their very damaged skin. Dr. Albert Laporte took his innovative concept and developed it in the world of beauty. The result a range of highly rich, and particularly efficient concentrated products.

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Essential Nutrition Through The Skin

GERnétic International products provide unique results associated with well-being and relaxation. They are at the service of beauty to treat all aesthetic cases from the simplest to the most complex ones.

Every day, the research enables the evolution and to precisely meet the expectations of consumers. The line of research of Laboratoires GERnétic Synthèse focuses on an increased and recognized efficiency of our products through several areas of studies: skin repair, skin ageing, skin irritation, pigmentation, slimming and well-being.

From Cellulotherapy to Biotechnology

Through the cellulotherapy then the cellular biology, we have studied the physiological properties of cells including their structure, their nutritional needs, their cycle of life and division so returning our more effective products on their functioning.

The Biotechnology, has allowed us to scientifically handle the active ingredients contain to give them a molecular size and weight adapted to an advanced topical treatment. Find this condensed technology in each GERnétic products.