Nutrition for your body.  Your skin reflects the inside. Our luxury skincare and beauty products curated from the finest lines in the world, made affordable through our signature Indulgence Spa Boxes and Specialty Selections will support your mind & body balance. 

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Monthly Indulgence Skin Care Spa Boxes

Each skin is unique and must be nourished in an individual manner. Get spa boxes delivered to you monthly, and try a variety of premium products from GERnétic, by signing up for our subscription box. The products in each Indulgence Spa kit are selected specially by a GERnétic trained esthetician, and combined to create optimal results for your skin.

Each box is offered at $125, and includes products valued at $280.

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Personal Story of Use and Recommendation

Being in a constant search for the finest, the most modern and the most active materials in the field of health and beauty, Dr. J’s aim is to give every person the experience of the beauty care products that enabled her to express herself, through a perfect synergy of mind and body wellness.

Since a young child, Dr. J. had struggled with inner outer balance due to trauma, but when her mother, a GERnétic professionally trained aesthetician, introduced her to the skin care line at the age of 15, Dr. J. became an avid user of the products. Over the last almost 40 years, Dr. J. has reaped the benefits of these incredibly formulated rich in nourishment skin products. She has tried other skin lines as an adult gravitating towards the hype of cellular rejuvenation, but each time has found that no line compares equally.

GERnétic products have not always been accessible to everyone, but through this unique offering Dr. J. invites you to try the products as part of an enriched skin care spa box offer. Each month you will receive a specialized and priced combination of advanced topical treatments.

Dr. J. knows that once you try these enriched skin care products, you too will experience the same synergistic results that she has. Order today.

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